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Jennifer’s Joyful Journeys' goal is to provide a high level of quality care and meaningful experiences for children, ages 0-12 years. Our specialty is caring for infants & toddlers, and preschoolers. We also offer before and school care, as well as Saturday care. Our child-friendly environment is nurtured and facilitated by our caring staff that focuses on the growth and development of children.


  •  Flexible Hours
  • Full-time and Drop-in Care 
  • Short-term & Extended Care
  • Before & After School Care
  • Door-to-Door Transportation
  •  Respite Care Last
  •  Emergency Care
  • Business Events Child Sitter Service 
  • Small Group Learning
  • Healthy Meals and Snacks (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Field Trips
  •  Bilingual Learning Program
  • Outdoor Play
  •  Space Rental for Kiddie Events
  • Nanny Care Program
  • Parent Incentive Program
  •  Security & Camera Monitored
  •  24-Hour Answering Service

  • Parent & Grandparent Appreciation Day

    Mommy’s Day Out & Date Night

  • Free Saturday Care
  • Parent Breakfast Bar
  • Safety Monitor Child Travel Service

Specialty Services

On-Site Library & Liter​acy Program

Literacy is important for children, especially in the early years. Literacy supports children in social/emotional, cognitive, and speech/language development. Literacy is a major part of our daily schedule. Our literacy program consist of an on-site library that allows children to engage in reading activities daily. We want reading to be fun and encouraging for kids. We reward our students with special incentives throughout the year,  based on the number of books read each month.

Space Rental for Kiddie Events

Looking to plan a small  birthday party, baby shower, host a business meeting?

 We offer reasonable rates for the use of our facility. Our facility includes the use of our table & seating space, kitchen, media area, and kid friendly environment! Other packages, include our specialty services.

Flexible Hours

No matter if you need child care during day time hours, evenings, weekends, or drop-in care we are here to help! Our facility offers flexible hours to meet the need of every family.

Recreational Trips, Classes, & Activities

Children hold on to every experience they encounter at a young age. Meaningful experiences help children to think outside the box and make good choices. We believe providing the best experiences possible is fundamental to a child's growth. In our program we offer and provide many opportunities to engage children through recreational trips, activities, and small group classes.

Parent Appreciation 

Just like children, parents are special too! We want parents to know that they are fully supported and appreciated. As a token, we celebrate our parents by offering  additional services such as complimentary coffee & breakfast, Parent Appreciate Day and more! Please inquire about our additional specialty services like Mommy's Day Out, and Date Night Care.

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