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Jennifer is a wonderful person and very caring. Your children will be in great hands with her.

Quila A.

This is a very thorough review: Hands down, Ms. Jennifer's daycare program is tailored to your energetic kids. I am completely distraught that I have to leave due to myself moving, but if she ever relocates near me, I would not hesitate to take my kids to her care any day. Ms. Jennifer is extremely patient and kind. She takes the time to learn and understand your kids. She has a very unique teaching style that keeps all kids engaged and active. She does not believe in punishing a kid or any physical correction which can be tough with multiple personalities. Instead, she directs their energy to something constructive and explains to them why they may be feeling upset or misunderstood. She listens to her kids and knows what calms them. Her pricing is amazing and hard to beat. You honestly will pay more somewhere to send your kid to a daycare where they are just there to work and not truly enjoy and care for your kids. She takes her profession to an entirely different level. She just opened, but I can see her expanding so well. She's not new to caring for kids and it shows. Date night is also offered and I love that service that she offers. I quickly respond and pay her directly for that night. I pick my child up at midnight and he is usually tired and sleeps for the remainder of the night.

Pros: My child started walking when he went to daycare, she continues potty training with him (he's 1), she's not a babysitter- she's an educator. She is CERTIFIED!!! She takes the kids on field trips. Her late fees aren't ridiculous. Date night and overnight care is a plus. I pay by the month, but you can pay the week as well. My child wears cloth diapers and she taught herself how to use them and didn't force us to bring disposable diapers in. I leave a gallon of milk with her. He eats there and her food is amazingly healthy. She offers part time care as well. She has assistance as well when needed and they are amazing. Cons: With the date night service, we learn the day of when she is offering the day for date night. It would be great to know 2-3 days in advance. She had a previous assistant that was a major con, but she let her go and hired two others that are a great fit. So that Con has been eliminated. If your child is wearing socks, I recommend no socks or grip socks, but her floor can be slippery.

 Overall: She is the standard and I wish all daycares could be like this. She has great plans and implementing them slowly. No greater care and I wish her all the success that comes her way. Amazing facility.

Cecilia T.

Jennifer does an excellent job with kids! She is very patient and has many good qualities when it comes to working with children of all ages!

Rose  K. 

Jennifer is devoted and always gives her best! She's great! 

This profession is her calling!

Frank K. 

Jennifer works very well with children! Her genuine love for children and nurturing spirit would benefit any child!

Kim W. 

Ms. Jennifer,

Thank you for caring for my son over the past year. Thank you for being a trusting part of our village. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. We appreciate you so much. 

Ivory D.

Jennifer has a loving and patient heart! She cared for both of my children from birth until they were in their early teen years. They were always happy and never wanted to leave. Jennifer is phenomenal with children, as she educates them through developmental stages of learning and play!

Kathy H. 

I would 100% recommend J3 for your childcare needs. The services she offers not only benefits the children but the family as well. It is a well-rounded education with meals included, parent-appreciation, Saturday care, year-round field trips, the list goes on. My daughter has thrived since attending and it has not even been a year. Do yourself a favor and check out this hidden gem on Chicago’s south side.

Jonae G. 

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